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Elite Ranger App Screenshot

Elite Ranger

The Ranger Application provides you with all the live tee sheet information you would expect at any clubhouse terminal, but uniquely on a mobile device. Could paperwork on your first tee be a thing of the past?

Communications between clubhouse staff and ranger are optimised, the App provides instant validation of guest’s arrival and payment status, helping you to maximise course revenue. The system even goes as far as providing the ranger with player recognition imaging technology, easily confirming the ID of your members and visitors without the need for intrusive questioning.

Your staff can also access detailed information on bookings and drill down into each individual tee time slot. Conversely ranger validation is instantly updated across the system for all staff members to view.

At the touch of a button this App allows the on course staff to initiate a full download of all the days booking information, conveniently streamed to a mobile device. This improved efficiency not only allows your course ranger to assess and monitor speed of play, but also provides real time information about the players on your course.

Elite Ranger iOS

Improve Ranger Efficiency

Access live information of player arrival, check in and payment details on a mobile device to easily validate a golfers eligible to play.

Instant Golfer Recognition

Customer’s details, photos and membership status give the ranger the advantage and the opportunity for better customer relations.

Zero Paperwork

The Elite Ranger app has today’s tee sheet streamed straight to your device reducing printing and administration costs.

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